Castle Hollow Productions, L.L.C.

Castle hollow Productions, L.L.C.

Recording Studio - Mixing - Production

Independent Record Label for All Artists




Let’s get your music ideas recorded! It all starts with a great recording. We will work with you to decide what location may work best for the recording. We may use our studios or one of the many fabulous recording studios located nearby. You may have even already recorded your music at home. We want to work with you to make the best music possible.


Our job is to get the best performance out of you and your song. It's always a good idea to have an objective ear on the project and taking the song where you never dreamed it could go.


If you have the raw tracks or if we go into the studio together, we will make a release ready mix of your music.


Let us be your record label. we will distribute your song/album to the top online stores and streaming services via Distrokid. This allows your music to reach the widest audience and earn revenue from your work. We will be another advocate to getting your music heard from the largest possible audience.



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