What makes you a better record label?

The music business doesn’t do any favors for the independent artist or band. Even smaller independent labels operate like the "Big Guys". Our approach is simple; create good music and allow the artist(s) to earn their fair share. Music labels, large and small, use confusing contracts and confounding revenue models. They try to keep the artist(s) under extended contracts and find ways to pull money away from the artist.

We have simple terms, allow the artist to make as much as possible and work as a team to promote the music. It's not just the artist's reputation that is being built, it is also our reputation. We take pride in everything we do.

Tell me more about the process.

The process starts with the song. If you have one or more ready for recording, we make arrangements with local studios to get you in and get the tracks recorded. If you are still writing the music, as a producer and musician, I can help with ideas and become your writing partner. During the recording process I will be your producer, listening to the song, the performance and making changes and recommendations to get the best out of the recording. The studio engineer may do an initial mix of the song to have as a reference when it comes back to our studio for mixing and production.

We mix and produce the track(s) at our studio. This allows us to be out of the recording environment and in a place where we know and trust our equipment. When mixing is complete, we will master your music. You, the artist, have a choice when it comes to mastering. We will perform a very basic level of mastering (loudness, minor EQ changes), but do recommend using another mastering engineer for this process. A true mastering engineer will have specialized equipment for the process and have a different perspective on the song(s). We have a number of mastering engineers that we can reach out to and trust them with your music.

The completed song is then submitted to Distrokid for distribution. We use Distrokid because they are one of the top companies to distribute music and make sure that you get paid from the largest number of points available. 

Can't I do this myself?

Yes. You can be your own record label and sign up for Distrokid to distribute your music. I still recommend hiring me as your producer so you can have another person critically listen and make your music sound its best.

If you select us to be your record label, we now have a vested interest in gaining as much visibility to your music as possible. It's not just distributing your music, but all the other things you spend your time doing when you should be building your brand. Distributing your music, publishing rights, finding a mastering engineering you can trust, finding a studio to record in, are just a small sample of everything we do as your label. Sure we take a percentage (not in the confusing way of the other labels), but that also provides us incentive to push your music more.


If hired as your record label:

$150 per song

10% Royalty on sales, publishing and sync licensing

Production credit

If only hired as your producer/mix engineer:

$200 per song

5% Royalty on all sales (record one)

Production/Engineering credit

You cover:

All studio costs (exclusive studio rate!)

Advanced master fees ($50 - $120 per track)


All other costs